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Tribeca 360° – New York, NY

The Three Sixty° wedding venue is a famous building in the neighborhood of Tribeca, New York. It is the perfect example of wedding venues with modern design. When booking a New York wedding venue, people look for places offering modern interiors with minimalist design a plus. Its walls have an eye-catchy texture that hooks everyone’s attention. The windows are of unusual size but give a detailed view of the beautiful city surrounding the building. The hanging colorful lights will create a warm and moody environment to adorn your event.

Three Sixty° wedding venue is the best choice for every event because:

  • Its large area will allow you to invite all your loved ones.
  • Its modern interior is appealing to people of this modern age.
  • The windows are large but give a fascinating view of the entire city.
  • Romantic lighting will make you take outstanding photographs at your wedding.
  • Couples can visit the venue and take a tour before booking it.
  • It features a dance floor, furniture, and everything you need for every celebration.
  •  Delicious dishes are there so you can make every event a memorable one.
  • Hosting over 300 guests.


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Tribeca 360°


10 Desbrosses St, New York, NY 10013

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 Rooftop, Ballroom, Loft-like

Brief overview of history

The Three Sixty° wedding venue is among the newly built venues in New York. It has been serving people as the best place for organizing weddings, meetings, or private gatherings with a modern touch. It provides a large space of 17,000 square feet, making it perfect for couples with a large number of relatives and friends. This building is in the downtown of Tribeca and gives an amazingly elegant view of its surrounding areas. Booking this venue is the best way to enjoy your wedding with a modern and natural touch.

Noteworthy Features

Why choose the Three Sixty° might be the question that will come to your mind. The worth full features of this New York wedding venue will prove why it is worth considering. The best thing about it is the enlarged area of 17,000 square feet. Small weddings or private gatherings have no concern with it, but if you want to enjoy your celebration with everyone you love, book this venue so that you never run out of space. The ceilings are about 12-feet high, and the lighting system fills the space with eye-catching lighting effects. Bridal couples have a private entrance through the elevator, neat huh?!

Accommodations for Ceremonies and Receptions

Old is Gold doesn’t work in every case. It is the modern age where everyone wants to look and feel modern. The Three Sixty° wedding venue is what appeals to the wedding needs of today’s ladies and gents. It has a 17,000 square feet area that can handle over 300 guests at the same time. The best thing is you can visit it before booking the venue for your event. This fantastic venue tends to meet the needs of almost every occasion. It offers wheelchairs, tables, dance floor, furniture, lighting, and other things that you can think of. Besides these incredible features, the cuisine has expert chefs who prepare tasty dishes in regard to every event.

Pricing, packages, and potential fees

The Three Sixty° wedding venue is available for booking from Friday to Saturday. Booking on each day has different charges and features. Here is a slight overview of the pricing and packages.

  1.   Friday Evening: $220/pp
  2.   Saturday Evening: $300/pp
  3.   Sunday Twilight: $220/pp

Each package has versatile features (number of guests, services, etc.). Discover more here to see all the details.

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