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Roseland Park Engagement Review – Such A Great Hole-in-The-Wall Spot!

Here is a review of Roseland Park as your engagement photo location.

Please bear in mind that when I’m reviewing I’m not critiquing the couple in the photos! This is purely focused on the location, the look, lighting, and options you have while onsite.

Hopefully, this helps you pick out the perfect spot for your engagement photos!

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Location spotlight


Jenna and Alex during a couples shoot


205 Roseland Park Rd, Woodstock, CT 06281

phone number

(860) 963-9557

venue type

Outdoor, Park, Lake, Gazebo, Woods


Overall Rating 79%
Variety 85%
The Look 75%
Unique Factor 80%
Cleanliness 85%
How Active 70%
Bonus - Hole In The Wall 80%

The Review


Variety 85%

So there’s a surprising amount of variety at this one park.  So you have the typical park path, you have a campfire spot with swings, a gazebo out in the water, a play park, mini garden, woodsy area, and even a campground stage kind of area.

I never would’ve expected that driving by the place.

The Look

The Look 75%

One of this places biggest weakness is that it has all of this variety but nothing stands out as exceptionally beautiful, it’s all just nice.

The park is fairly small, the campfire spot is cool, but doesn’t make for fantastic photos, the gazebo is cool but the water around it is very murky, the mini garden is so mini you can’t really use it for photos and the list goes on.  It makes it seem like I hate this place but that’s far from the case, everything is just nice and not exceptional.

At the end of the day nothing is wrong with nice, but just being nice earns a 75%

Unique Factor

Unique Factor 80%

The gazebo extending out into the lake with it positioned fantastic for sunsets definitely sets this place apart from others.  That alone gives this place a bunch of points for being unique.


Cleanliness 85%

I didn’t notice anything really dirty at this place every time I’ve went but of course there’s no perfectly clean parks in existence.

For example there were boats that were left out, and I had no idea if they were public or private property.  There was also a garden off to the side that wasn’t super well kept, but once again I couldn’t tell if it was public or private property.  I’m honestly just nitpicking at this point.

How Active

How Active 70%

So this place wasn’t that active at all and I don’t see that being a problem since this is Woodstock, Ct we are talking about here.  But I still had to dock it some points because it’s pretty much impossible to take photos on the gazebo dock if anyone is occupying it.  Even during this shoot we had to wait a little bit for a family to stop fishing off of the dock.  But of course you can run around and shoot elsewhere while people are occupying it, just be aware that it might be a popular fishing spot.

Bonus - Hole In The Wall

Bonus - Hole in the Wall 80%

So this place is located in the middle of nowhere in Woodstock, CT which is fantastic for the area.  Northeast Connecticut doesn’t seem to have the best selection of well known engagement photo spots, but this place is just randomly here and perfect for couples.

Final Thoughts

Overall Rating 79%

So Roseland Park really surprised me, I thought I was going to show up to this place and mostly focus on the gazebo, but the entire layout of the place is perfect to utilize for your engagement photos.

Especially considering how Northeast CT is really lacking in great engagement photo spots, this one really stands out and is a fantastic spot to have engagement photos at, especially if you don’t want to travel to far from home.

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