….or in other words vendors I recommend


So most couples have found their venue before they found their photographer BUT HERE WE ARE!

I maybe biased because I’m a photographer but if you are checking out photographers before having a venue I already love you!  So here are some suggestions to my favorite venues.

Weatogue, CT

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I love this place a ton because it’s 5 minutes from my house.  I just want to get that out of the way because it’s the truth!

But really though Riverview is a fantastic venue, it’s some of the best food I eat all year, the staff is super chill and great at what they do, plus you’ll have a TON of beautiful space for your wedding especially if you want an indoor one.

New Haven, CT

Anthony’s is the go-to venue for a beautiful beach wedding.  With a location right on the coastline of New Haven it is conveniently located near a TON of hotel and AirBnb options.

Before I forget too, their food is absolutely amazing!  The last time I was there they easily had one of the best dessert platters I’ve seen in quite a long time. 

Broad Brook, CT

My favorite hole-in-the-wall venue!  Merlot on the Water has a fantastic look and good variety for it’s size, but that’s not the thing that wins my heart with this place….

….it’s the staff.  Seriously though you are in FANTASTIC hands at Merlot.  Victoria is very responsive, easy going, and a blast to work with!


So do you want a badass looking wedding but don’t want to do all of the annoying work for it, BUT you still want to have your wedding be creative?

Then GET A PLANNER!  Here are my favs…


I don’t want to place Sarah in a corner, but if you want one of those badass boho styled weddings then odds are Sarah is the planner you want in your corner!


Tisha is a ridiculously professional planner that you want in your corner ESPECIALLY if you are planning out in the NY area.  As a fellow POC I can definitely vouch for her that if you need that kind of diverse planner helping you out then she would be a fantastic teammate to have!

Hair and Makeup

You maybe wondering…wait why is he recommending other photographers?!  Well, I’m not available for all dates, plus my personality and style doesn’t match with all couples…so why not put you in other good hands?

Plus, a lot of them act as my 2nd photographers so I gotta spread the love!

Southington, CT

Seriously though Pam is easily my best friend in this entire industry, if you don’t hire her then don’t bother hiring me for your wedding…….ok I’m kidding but she’s fantastic to work with (am I showing my bias?)!

She’s super down to earth, chill and definitely fun to have around, I can’t recommend her enough!

New Haven, CT

Dana is a very professional makeup artist that is always down for anything!

You can expect expert service and a very reliable person in your corner when booking her!

Bridal Dress

I only got one bridal dress company for ya’ll but there’s a reason!!!

Newtown, CT

So I freaking love everything about Julie Allen Bridals.  It’s a big store so you have plenty of space to walk around in dresses, plenty of options, and great prices too!  Plus if I’m not mistaken it’s going to be the only place selling official Disney dresses for sometime too.

But the real reason why I love this place so much is the people!  Lauren is freaking fantastic and we are pretty much buds at this point especially considering that I just found out she is an ex-DDR player just like myself lol


I surprisingly don’t work with a ton of florists, but the one I do work with a lot if absolutely fantastic!

Wood & Word Blooms


So I CONSTANTLY get compliments whenever I have one of Jenn’s flowers because people think they are real…and they continue to think they are real even when staring at it inches away…they are so good that I can guarantee you couldn’t tell they were fake until you touched them.

So yeah…..she does a really good job, she’s also super chill to hang out with too!


I don’t have a ton of experience working directly with Calligraphy artists, but I have 1 person for ya!


My first experience with Tara was when she showed up onset at a boudoir shoot once, walked into the bathroom, wrote on a mirror a ton of woman empowerment sayings and had to run.  We walked into the bathroom and were stunned!

Even though It was all about woman empowerment I would’ve left that thing up for at least a week in my own place even though I live in a bachelor pad….it was that cool looking!

So yeah, she is my go-to calligraphy girl now


You maybe wondering…wait why is he recommending other photographers?!  Well, I’m not available for all dates, plus my personality and style doesn’t match with all couples…so why not put you in other good hands?

Plus, a lot of them act as my 2nd photographers so I gotta spread the love!


I see a TON of myself in Bryan, it’s almost creepy.  With a past of IT, he loves video games, watching Youtube an obsessive amount and more….well it’s natural that Bryan is one of my main dudes I reach out to as a second photographer and lead videographer…heck he took most of my business pictures so of course I trust him lol


Amy is an up and coming photographer based out of Rhode Island.  With a love of portraits, event and night photography weddings seemed like the perfect fit to continue expanding her photography skills.  Because of this background Amy is fantastic at working in environments others would typically hate…that’s where she thrives!


You gotta appreciate great photography when you see it and Abigail has that in spades!  If you are looking for a boho style of photography in CT you won’t find anyone better!


With a background of social media management, Kat quickly changed careers once she realized she was better off out in the field taking photos rather than updating Facebook posts behind a desk. Kat Drake is a great CT based photographer to work with, she has a very bubbly personality and the best way we can describe her style is an emotional natural light photographer.


Victoria does a lot of things which we love over here at GDA (….which stands for “Gary Does Alot”). As a social media marketer, content creator, web designer, brand designer, photographer, etc, etc, etc Victoria is a new age renaissance woman. But we are here to talk about photography, Victoria is a Boston based and can be best described as structured natural light shooter, she’s great for people that need directions.


A newbie to CT, Marisa is definitely not a newbie behind the camera.  Marissa is a fantastic candidate for your photography needs if you love details and those small moments many miss!