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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Wedding Shoot

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24 September, 2019



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Krisann Kiley
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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Themed Wedding Shoot

So this wedding styled shoot was in the works for quite some time and we finally did it!  Olio was the perfect place to host this modern and realistic Harry Potter look with it’s industrial look and very high ceilings, Olio is a really beautiful place to have a wedding or any sort of event.

Kaitlin of RCP Events was fantastic to work with to orchestrate the look and feel of this shoot perfectly.  From the arrangements of flowers, to having flowers made out of pages from the book (provided by The Petal Peddler Shop), to floating candles around the wedding party table, and even flying key decor!

A lot of the furniture utilized was from Tommy Wholesale which was perfect for setting up our cake provided by Gooby Soho which matched perfectly with the rest of the shoot’s Ravenclaw colors.

Models were decked out in dresses provided by Julie Allen Bridals with hair and makeup done by Krisann Kiley to match the elegant feel of this shoot perfectly.

Advice For Your Own Harry Potter Wedding

So after planning this shoot if you want to plan your own Harry Potter wedding it’s VERY possible to have it come out super elegant but be very prepared to have to do 1 of 2 things.

Either expect a ton of time on craft projects making things like wands, jewelry, and table decor.

If you have some money you can most certainly buy a ton of decor on sites like Etsy, but don’t expect these to be cheap.  If I recall correctly on average pieces of decor is going to run you roughly $20-$40 EACH.  If you need a wand for each bridesmaid and groomsmen, plus a necklace, table decor, center pieces, etc.  It definitely will add up BUT IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

I’d highly suggest reaching out to RCP Events or myself if you are considering this to make your life that much more of a breeze when planning for this.

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