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Mystic Seaport – Mystic, CT

Wedding day is the most precious day of your life as after this day you will begin a new life journey with your beloved one. So wedding event celebrations cannot be like any other casual event. Therefore there must be something special, something extraordinary, and something that the couple can always remember. Hence there can never be something more angelic than a marvelous wedding venue. It is the most desirable place for memorable events due to its location. Mystic sea is one of the world’s most beautiful accommodations due to its well-known collection of sailing ships and most populous maritime museum. That being said, the Mystic Seaport wedding venue among, a sense of glamour, iconic landmarks, beautifully designated rooms for your companions and family; is the most romantic and lustful venue for your memorable day!

This luxurious and historic wedding venue doesn’t limit you to traditional marriage styles. It serves you with numerous wedding styles, including:

  • Unique and Stunning location
  • Beautiful ballroom and waterfront
  • A luxury event space
  • Wonderfully maintained with the coastline
  • Elegant and historic museum
  • Unbelievably worthy for a romantic photoshoot
  • An elegant view that entertains the guests


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 Mystic Seaport


75 Greenmanville Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

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Brief History Of Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport and Museum was established in 1929 by the “Marine Historical Association” It is perhaps the most historic venue for seaport weddings. It contains four vessels recognized by the US Government, and all the Ships there are historic and well maintained. This Connecticut wedding venue consists of 60 famous buildings on a 19-acre site. Mystic Seaport has a ballroom and waterfront for ceremonies and events. There is a 19th-century seafaring village that accommodates all varieties of trades needed for building and sailing lines.

Noteworthy Features

What could be more memorable than a remarkable unique wedding venue? Mystic Seaport wedding venue is popular due to its location along with a historic museum and famous buildings. A worthy place for a photoshoot of beautiful couples, that’s for sure! The music festival here is already famous in the whole US, the romantic music, the location, along with a beautiful couple that’s all you need in the wedding venue. This iconic spot is perfect for the couple to make their special day memorable and unique. The ceremony options include a waterfront, large event space, ballroom, beautiful location, and a photoshoot site. So, ask your event manager to be smart and arrange your marriage ceremony in this unique place. It could be the most angelic wedding ever that any romantic couple has had before!

Accommodations for Ceremonies

Mystic Seaport and Museum has an aquarium, ballroom, waterfront, and several historic buildings which are perfect sites for visitors and for various activities besides weddings. Naturally, because of its variety, accommodations for any ceremony are well sustained. The Mystic Seaport wedding venue has specially appointed rooms for guests. Other than that, this seaport contains a large event space to accommodate a large number of guests. A single vessel of the mystic seaport is 139 ft long. The management is well-groomed and trustworthy. You get 8 rooms in the venue for ceremony guests. So, make your memorable day the perfect day of your life by holding your wedding in one of the most beautiful Connecticut wedding venues! 

Pricing, Packages, and Potential Fees

The starting site fee for the wedding ceremony in the off-season can be as low as $600 for a church ceremony according to their 2018 winter package (so the info maybe a bit dated). However, a full ceremony package of 4 to 5 hours in the Mystic Seaport wedding venue can cost up to $4000. All kinds of event services are sustained at a starting site cost of $ 600 only. Contact the management team through the website and discuss the pricing accordingly. 

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