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Mystic Aquarium – Mystic, CT

Can You Get Married at Mystic Aquarium?

Escaping the traditional wedding venues sounds like a bizarre yet exciting idea that even itches our imaginations of getting married in a one-of-a-kind place. Weddings at the Mystic Aquarium are not an exception for creative couples who dare to get married with a beluga whale in the background. With Mystic Aquarium, you will find romance, uniqueness, and individuality in any event that stands out from the rest. 


An indoor and outdoor venue located in picturesque Mystic, Connecticut, Mystic Aquarium is the perfect location for couples looking for an enchanting and unforgettable wedding venue. Mystic Aquarium has a way of bringing romance, uniqueness, and individuality to a spectacular wedding event, whether it’s grand or intimate.  


Mystic Aquarium offers you an experience of dining with an incredible array of marine animals inside or reveling in an outdoor cocktail hour with graceful beluga whales swimming in the background, which makes for spectacular wedding photographs. With the unique and flexible event spaces at Mystic Aquarium, you get to customize it as you enjoy celebrating your wedding with your family and friends in the enchanting world filled with beautiful coral reefs and deep-sea mysteries.

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venue spotlight

Venue name

 Mystic Aquarium


55 Coogan Boulevard, Mystic, CT

phone number

860-572-5955 ext 337 & 860 572-5955

venue type

Historic venue, museum 

What are the remarkable things about the Mystic Aquarium?

Aside from the unique beauty and one-of-a-kind experience it can give, The Mystic Aquarium is a member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquarium. It is also an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. So you get to experience watching Steller sea lions and the only beluga whales in New England. Among the special exhibits are a ray and shark touch pool, a jelly gallery, and a dinosaur exhibit entitled “Jurassic Giants.” 


  • It is a prime location easily accessible to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum. 
  • You will get a chance to experience sealing your marriage with a kiss with a beluga whale as a witness.
  • Picture-perfect wedding photographs under the blue splendor of the ocean with astounding corals and unique sea animals in the background
  • A chance to pet white-spotted bamboo sharks during your wedding reception
  • Sumptuous meals are prepared for you and your guests as you dine and watch the breathtaking beauty of the Mystic Aquarium.
  • You will also get the opportunity to fund various aquarium operations as you hold your ceremony at the Mystic Aquarium, including animal care, exhibit maintenance, veterinary supplies, and more!

Is Mystic Aquarium open year-round?

Mystic Aquarium can accommodate up to 300 guests on its Main Exhibit Floor, which offers you a unique and intimate wedding day. If you are planning a wedding with a smaller number, Mystic Aquarium has a reception fit for your 50 guests. While Mystic Aquarium is open year-round, some outdoor exhibits may not be available if it is raining or snowing. So, it is best to plan ahead as you book your tickets for your special day. 


The Ocean Blue Catering is the exclusive caterer at Mystic Aquarium that presents sumptuous meals along with impeccable service. From elegant seated dinners to sumptuous chef-attended stations, their team is going to dazzle you with a seamless and smooth-flow wedding reception. It is best to send them an email to know about their menus and costs or call them at (860) 572-5955, extension 337 to plan for your wedding reception at the Mystic Aquarium.

How much does it cost to get married at Mystic Aquarium?

Tickets at Mystic Aquarium vary from $26 to $36 depending on the day of the week you would visit. You can also fill this form in to book an event and get some help in fulfilling your dream one-of-a-kind wedding.

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