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You finally said "Yes!", congratulations!

You showed your friends and family your ring, and your parents just breathed a sigh of relief because they were worried for a moment.  Now before you two love birds can sail off into the sunset to forever live your days together….or just sit on the couch and dread the hours when someone pulls out Monopoly – you need someone to capture these moments so you can relive them over and over again.

The Process

At Love Long and Prosper Photography I know that you want to walk away with memories that you will never forget . In order to do that, you need someone who can not only capture these memories but assist you in showing the real you in these memories.

The problem is that many folks find themselves too awkward in front of a camera which makes you feel like you cannot capture truly beautiful photos as yourself.  That is a load of bull, my goal is to make every couple shine and to show themselves as extraordinary as they feel inside.

I understand that I may have to knock down some of your walls to make you feel comfortable which is why I have the following process to ensure that every wedding is a wedding worth remembering….

Let's Match!

Let’s see if we are even a good fit for each other!

First fill out that little contact form and expect to hear back from me ASAP!  Typically as quick as within the hour, if you don’t hear back from me in 24 hours call the cops!

But then we will plan to meet at my studio, your favorite cafe, or worse case scenario on Zoom/phone call and let’s get to know each other!  When it comes to picking your photographer you of course want to work with someone who can handle your wedding, but this is also the person who will be handling your future heirlooms. 

When we meet we will simply get to know each other.  I want to know your fandoms, I want to know how you two met, I want to know what you guys do in your free time!  Why?  Well it actually allows me to help you guys relax during shoots. 

For example, if your SO hates taking photos, it’ll be great to know that they love talking about perfect brisket cook times or random unsolved mysteries!  Anything to help them ease into these shoots!


Great, so we matched, you filled out the contract and paid….now what?  Well….let’s figure that out.

We’ll start brainstorming engagement shoot ideas whether if you want it at a park, the beach or wherever we’ll figure out the perfect spot.

But let’s say you want something a little out of the box….well I shine with thinking of unique concepts.  For example, I’ve done a Dave and Buster’s engagement in the style of a Circus!

So whatever crazy idea you have, I’m already all for it so let’s make it happen!

Also I provide plenty of assistance and guides to help you nail your engagement shoot!

Let's Prep!

As we approach your wedding day we gotta prepare! 

Not only will you have me on speed dial for any questions but I will be providing you with thorough magazines and guides I’ve personally made to assist you in this entire process!

Plus I will help you figure out the perfect schedule for your wedding to help create the best portraits, also while not stealing you away from your own wedding for too long


So we finished all of the prep work
and you are ready to have the time of your life!
Let’s enjoy your wedding and create some memories!

The Big reveal!

Ok so your wedding has ended and 10 weeks have passed,
now it’s time for your big reveal!


Give me your guest count, I’ll have enough chairs and plenty of snacks for everyone.  We’ll all hang out and check out the highlights from your wedding!  Afterwards we’ll even design your included album on the spot to speed up the process and you can purchase some exclusive artwork as well!

It's Never A Goodbye!
It's A Cya Next Time!

This doesn’t have to be a goodbye! 

Even though I specialize in weddings I also am many clients photographer for life for everything from maternity shoots to even product photography for their businesses.

Also keep an eye out in your emails for fun shoots throughout the year!


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