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Rachel and Kwame – Indian Orchard Preserve

Wedding Spotlight


Rachel and Kwame


August 7th, 2021


[Indian Orchard Preserve]

If you're planning a Connecticut wedding at [Indian Orchard Preserve], you will love this wedding for inspiration!

Rachel and Kwame had a renaissance-themed wedding where everyone from young children to older guests was in costume. Everyone had a unique wedding costume; the groomsmen even had propped swords to highlight their renaissance outfits. The Indian Preserve transformed from a tranquil hilltop reserve to a phenomenal wedding venue similar to a scene from “Game of Thrones.”

Our couple, Rachel and Kwame, had a Do-It-Yourself wedding at the Indian Preserve, which turned out to be remarkable even though the venue wasn’t a total fit for a wedding affair. The best thing about the “Indian Preserve” was its cheap cost which allowed Rachel and Kwame to exclusively rent the venue the entire weekend and modify it according to their wedding theme for as much as $1,800.

The Ceremony

Rachel and Kwame started their big day with a gift-giving, followed by a lovely couple framing shoots at the lush grounds of Indian Preserve. The couple had a handfasting ceremony, an ancient Celtic ritual symbolizing love and commitment, before sealing their marriage with a kiss.

The Reception

Rachel, Kwame, and their guests had a crest signing activity where they sprayed their crest with different colors and nestled for a bit in the room after their wedding ceremony. One unique thing their bridesmaids and groomsmen featured during the shoot was their custom swords and daggers, meant for our couple’s wedding. 

Everyone was welcomed by a sumptuous menu by Red Apple Catering and a grand entrance for a cocktail hour at the wedding reception

advice for planning your wedding at Indian Orchard Preserve

Getting married at the Indian Preserve is a great choice for a cheaper option and longer facility use. The only thing you have to consider if you wish to get married here is your patience and perseverance to DIY everything to match the looks and feel of your dream wedding.

Thank You

I loved shooting this wedding here so much!  This couple were fantastic to work with and their friends and family were absolutely hilarious people to be around!

If you’re planning a wedding at Indian Orchard Preserve, get in touch!

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