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Elaine and Stephen – Jacob’s Beach, Guilford, CT

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Elaine and Stephen


Jacob’s Beach
140 Seaside Ave, Guilford, CT 06437

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Wedding Shoot

Elaine and Stephen had their wedding sometime in November, which was a freezing season. It was such an incredible feat for our sweet couple to be able to get permission to have their wedding at the beach. 

But you would’ve never noticed from these photos alone!

The cold temperatures did not deter our beautiful bride, Elaine, from enjoying her special day with her family and friends. She eventually wore her matching jacket during our portrait shoots by the beach as it got colder and colder over time. There was even a funny thing where my assistant, Virginia, had to carry Elaine on her back when we had to cross a mud-pit for their photoshoot. 

The Ceremony

Our couple, Elaine and Stephen, were superb Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts who created this wedding with style. Everyone had been given a matching blanket and bubble blower on their assigned seats. They also had a floral set up for the arch that matches the bridal bouquet. They also had a friend who serenaded them with a violin during the ceremony, which made this event more special for Elaine and Stephen.


Although they had the same common thing newlyweds do, Elaine and Stephen made their DIY wedding special with a family sand container where they poured the sand from the bottle with their names written on it before sealing their marriage with a kiss. The family sand container had a marking that says, “Our Family Grows With Love,” which I think was very sweet.

Thank You

I loved shooting this wedding here so much!  This couple were fantastic to work with and their friends and family were absolutely hilarious people to be around!

If you’re planning an elopement wedding, get in touch!

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