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UConn Engagement Review – The Best Place For Photos in Northeast CT?

Here is a review of UConn as your engagement photo location.

Please bare in mind that when I’m reviewing I’m not critiquing the couple in the photos!  This is purely focused on the location, the look, lighting, and options you have while onsite.

Hopefully this helps you pick out the perfect spot for your engagement photos!

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Location spotlight


Pam and Justin during their Anniversary Shoot

Semin and Will during graduation photos


68 Griffin Rd, Terryville, CT 06786, United States

phone number

+1 860-583-8670

venue type

Urban, City, Town


Overall Rating 80%
Variety 50%
The Look 80%
Unique Factor 100%
Cleanliness 100%
How Active 50%
Bonus - Downtown Storrs 80%

The Review


Variety 50%

So UConn is littered with a TON of spots to shoot at considering how large the campus is.  For this couple they met right outside of the Gampel Pavilion (literally at the People’s United Bank) so we focused most of our attention to this area.

But after doing a handful of shoots at UConn you have options ranging from a nice downtown section, all the day down to a cow farm.  So if you want a certain look and you are an alumni, then you have plenty of options.

I only docked this down a couple of points because all of the variety is not within quick walking distance during a shoot

The Look

The Look 80%

So UConn nails the exact look that you are going for when expecting a large college campus shoot.  

So why not a perfect score?

Well the buildings themselves are not always super interesting to shoot.  The flower gardens I saw were a little on the dull side, but besides these minor factors you will not be disappointed when you are on site!

Unique Factor

Unique Factor 100%

So UConn got a perfect score simply because it’s UConn lol.  It’s a place to be in CT, there is no other UConn in existence, etc.

It’s unique because odds are if you met your SO at UConn, then there is a good chance you might also get your engagement photos done here…in particular the exact spot you met at.


Cleanliness 100%

Bare in mind that I’ve only been to UConn during the off-seasons (summer), so feel free to dock more points off here if you know about the campus better.

But during my shoots here, the place has always been super clean.  I never had to pick up trash or take photos at certain angles due to trash.

How Active

How Active 50%

Once again, my shoots were during the summer when the campus wasn’t super busy.  But I’m going to assume that due to the size of UConn, that this is the biggest issue with shooting here.

I couldn’t imagine how annoying it would be to shoot here during a busy school year.  But if I see that it’s not so bad during the school year I’ll be sure to change this!

Bonus - All of Downtown Storrs

Bonus - Downtown Storrs 80%

So the bonus for this review is adding in all of Downtown Storrs into the shoot.

Before Pam and Justin’s shoot I actually walked a bit around downtown stores and saw a few really interesting spots to shoot photos at.  So while it is not on campus, it’s literally a couple blocks away and can be an option for more unique looks.

Final Thoughts

Overall Rating 80%

So UConn is a great campus to take photos for your engagement session if you are alumni.

But should you head over there if you are not alumni?  Yes, as long as the campus is not super busy.  Downtown Storrs offers plenty of places to walk around and take photos at, and with the large variety on campus, you can find something that works for you.

It also helps that once you go farther out into northeast Connecticut, your don’t have a ton of options for fantastic and unique places to have engagement photos.  So having UConn within driving distance helps!

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