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 Snow White Shoot – Blue Bird Farm

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Snow White Shoot


Blue Bird Farm


211 Jared Sparks Rd, Willington, CT 06279

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Farm, Barn House

The Arrangement of this shoot

More and more couples are getting married in fairytale themes, and we love how these couples went above and beyond for their dream weddings. So, we came up with a Snow White wedding shoot at Blue Bird Farm to inspire you. 

Snow White's Wedding Shoot

With the natural setting at the Blue Bird Farm, we utilized a color palette of chestnut rose, Manhattan, and gold accented with Tonys pink and green. The welcome sign, the ribbon cake, and the several mirrors accentuated with calligraphy highlighted the theme. Our bride’s white wedding dress complimented the snowy setting while stylishly hanging on a tree outside. It has simple lace details that accentuated the bride’s gorgeous bridal bouquet

Queen Grimhilde's Wedding Shoot

Of course, who can ever forget The Queen? As opposed to what is usually the preferred choice for brides, we decided to create a styled shoot based on Queen Grimhilde, the evil stepmother of Snow White. This theme is perfect for the brides who are not only fans of Snow White but also for those who want to break the tradition of white weddings. A laced black wedding dress with a white fabric underneath is an impeccable choice to portray Queen Grimhelde. 

Advice For Your Snow White Wedding

A tan does not negatively affect your wedding day, but I suggest you don’t get tanned before the big day. Since wedding photographers edit photos as naturally as possible, getting a tan exposes you to orangey tones while the people around you get exposed to paler tones. Best tip if you plan to get tanned before your wedding day is to make sure your entire skin is tanned, so there wouldn’t be any blind spots that might make your photo unnatural. 


Getting a venue with large mirrors is a huge plus in achieving a Snow White-themed wedding. Doing so saves you time and money from renting huge mirrors. The Blue Bird Farm allowed us to use their large mirror, which gave us the chance to set it up outside to achieve the iconic scene where one can say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Thank You

I loved shooting this wedding here so much!  This couple were fantastic to work with and their friends and family were absolutely hilarious people to be around!

If you’re planning a wedding at Blue Bird Farm, get in touch!


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