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Backyard Wedding – Carissa and Francisco

Wedding spotlight


Carissa and Francisco


12 October, 2019


Backyard Wedding


Carissa and Francisco got married at the *in their beautiful backyard, FIELD EMPTY. It was a wonderful backyard wedding, with so much color creating the atmosphere and giant Jenga to keep guests entertained.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place outdoors, and was really cosy, which was lovely. The ceremony included both an english and spanish ceremony to not leave anyone out. It was a very thoughtful occasion, full of love.

After the ceremony, guests mingled in the garden, which is such a great time for the newly married couple to have some time to let it sink in, and I got some really special photos as everyone was so much fun and loved having their photo taken. The weather at this backyard wedding was perfect, *which made no sense because every surrounding day was absolutely freezing.

The Reception

For the reception, the couple had organized a mariachi band for their guests, and everyone really enjoyed it. Guests were then called for dinner, which was an absolutely massive platter of spanish food! – it was delicious. During the reception guests also took the time to take portraits in front of the newly wed’s gorgeous garden, and mingle around the yard playing various yard games and enjoying the bar.

The Party

After the speeches, everyone got straight on the dancefloor, and the dancefloor was packed all evening. The Spotify playlist actually worked out with people not fighting over being the DJ lol. But it was a blast to really see everyone let loose at night.

If you plan on having a backyard wedding for yourself just be ready for all of the planning that is required!Yes, you may say some money but it definitely will cost more of your time before, during and after your wedding!If you want a fantastic wedding gift, ask some friends to help clean up your house the next day after your wedding.Carissa and Francisco are so thankful they did!

Thank You

I loved this backyard wedding so much. If you’re getting married and looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch.

Here is Carissa and Francisco’s story in photos.

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