Winter 2021 Venue Tours

Winter 2021 Venue Tours

P.S. Ignore the note in this video about the cost!  This is now a free event!  Grab your tickets below!

Welcome to the Winter 2021 Venue Tours

Hosted by Love Long and Prosper Photogrpahy

These venue tours are perfect for couples looking to book their perfect wedding venue!

With 2022 and 2023 looking to be one of the busiest wedding seasons ever, these tours will help couples find their wedding venues fast and easy!

how it works

How It Works

Grab A Ticket

Click on the link below to grab a ticket!

These first few tours are 100% free!


Write down some questions you’ll like answered.

Check out photos of the venues online.

We will provide drinks, snacks and lunch but bring your own water and snacks too!

Join Us!

This is the big day!  Join us on the tour and let’s have some fun too while we are at it!

During The Tour

Expect the tour to be 5-6 hours!

We will provide drinks (champagne, water and soda), snacks and lunch!

Except for the drive home, you’ll only be on the party bus for 15 minutes on average.

Don't Forget
Your Guide!

Don’t forget you’ll be traveling with one of CT’s best photographers – Gary Pope of Love Long and Prosper Photography!

Don’t hesitate to ask him questions, and DEFINITELY ask for photos!

Follow Up!

After checking out the venues it’s time to follow up!

Some venues may give you a more elaborate private showing.

Also if no venues fit what you wanted you can always come back here to book another tour!  These will be going on all winter!

Hartford Center Tour

Hartford Center Tour



Cost: 100% free

When: Sunday, February 6th, 2021 11am-430pm(ish)

What: are we riding in?  A party bus provided by Specialty Transportation!

Where: Hartford County including the following venues:

  • Merlot on the Water – What I personally have rated as one of the best hidden gem venues in CT!

  • Broad Brook Opera House – A fantastic option for DIY couples looking for a great looking venue

  • Larimar – One of the newest wedding venues in CT!
  • Farmington Gardens – One of the most impressive light setups in CT
  • La Notte – A perfect blend of rustic and ballroom style for couples that can’t decide!
  • and at least one more yet to be announced venue!

Litchfield Hills Tour

Litchfield Hills Tour



Cost: 100% free

When: Sunday, February 20th, 2021 11am-230pm(ish)

What: are we riding in?  A party bus provided by Specialty Transportation!

Where: Litchfield County including the following venues:

  • The Waterview – A fantastic spot if you are looking for a classic ballroom style wedding venue!


  • Edmond Town Hall – For couples on a budget this venue is fantastic, plus not many venues allow you and your guests to see you get married in a theater!

  • Marygold’s On Main – If food is your focus you will love Marygold’s! As a fine-dining experience you can also have that for your wedding as well!

  • Lounsbury House – Traditional Mansion Venue

Grab A Ticket Here!

Grab A Ticket Here!

If you are having issues grab tickets from this link instead

If you are having issues grab tickets from this link instead



How To Book!

Literally you scrolled right past the ticket section….just scroll up a tiny bit!

Rain Dates

This is happening rain or shine!

Is There a dress code?

Think of this like a bridal show…so this is super casual

How early should we arrive?

We will be leaving at 11am so please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can leave on time!

Tickets are sold out but I really want to go on the tour!

Feel free to email me directly at about it!  If I get enough emails complaining I’ll see if we can get a bigger bus

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates if times open back up!

So you are taking photos and video during these tours?

Yup!  So other couples can know how useful and cool these are.  Also feel free to email me directly at or fill out the form on my site if you’d like the images for yourself!

Did I miss anything?

Email me at with any questions!

rave reviews

Rave reviews

from past clients

meet your
geeky tour guide

meet your
geeky tour guide

Hello!  I’m Gary Pope, the lead photographer of Love Long and Prosper.  I’m your typical super-geeky dude turned photography enthusiast who just loves capturing quirky couples and families!  As a self-proclaimed-ex-D-list-board-game-Youtube-celebrity, I am also a self-proclaimed expert with working with geeks and those that do not fit the “norm”…or whatever that means.

I’m all about bringing the fun and capturing the most intimate moments you will ever have!